Wednesday, September 28, 2011

customer color codes

if i managed the store, this is what i would do. i would provide a table at every entrance, and on these tables would be very large (think dinner plate size) stick on labels. the customer, upon entering the door, would chose the appropriate color of tag to wear while wandering the aisles. it's a win-win situation for both of us.

green (or "jade" in our very fashion forward world) would mean the following:
1. yes, please approach me with your genuine smile and chipper greeting.
2. yes, please make small talk to establish a "connection" with me.
3. yes, please show me the latest fashions and/or walk me personally to the proper area of your department to help me find the perfect item of clothing to suit my impeccable taste.

yellow (or "saffron") would mean the following:
1. yes, you may approach me with your standard sincere greeting.
2. yes, you may ask if i am just browsing or need some help.

red (or "mulberry") would mean the following:
1. do not even THINK about smiling at me.

simple, yes?

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