Monday, October 10, 2011

dear grumpy customer

dear grumpy customer:

when you came to my counter with a stack of clothing from the children's department, i greeted you pleasantly. i scanned each ticketed item as i chatted in a friendly manner and listened to you talk about your grandchildren. you seemed like a pleasant lady. then i got to one item that had no pricing bar code on the tag. the bar code had, in fact, been torn off. you asked me to just scan a similar item. i offered to go back to the children's department to find another item to scan. you said there were several more of them, only in different colors, right on the clearance. rack.

after searching for several minutes, i returned to my counter and admitted that i had found none. i suggested that i go ahead and ring up all the other items and then you could go back there to find someone to help you. you said, in a verrrrry snarly voice, "I WILL NOT GO BACK THERE!" you asked why i could not find it. i told you i had never worked in that department. i called my manager, who told me to go ahead and scan a similar item and check you out. too late, you apologized and said that you had just wanted to get in and out of the story in a hurry. dear customer, if that was true, why did you not check out in the children's department in the first place. i will never wait on you again!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

shop girl

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